Hey, folks: Today is the LAST DAY to get the pre-order price of $19.95 (INCLUDING SHIPPING) on the new bi men’s anthology, RECOGNIZE: The Voices of Bisexual Men, that I have co-edited with  Dr Herukhuti.

Also to note, when you purchase your copy directly from the BRC (as opposed to later on from Amazon or a bookstore), more of the purchase price goes directly to the BRC’s programs and services and helps us to continue producing valuable resources like RECOGNIZE for the community.

Please spread the word. Today. 

Sexuality is a long and fluid line! These stories about bisexual men are inspirational and teach others to accept all people and their sexualities! 

Volunteer at Lake City Pride 2014! | Equality Florida

Just three hours of your time at Lake City Pride will help us go a long way toward spreading this very important message: Vote like your marriage depends on it! We need your help to ensure pro-equality candidates are elected in November to stand up for the rights of the LGBT community!

Will you join us? 

Click here to sign up for our Pride Team!

P.S. All of our volunteers will receive one of our new Equality Florida t-shirts for free! 


All this week, HRC is putting on notice the shadowy network of American extremists who are working to spread anti-LGBT vitriol abroad. Share now. Help #EndtheHate. Learn more at www.hrc.org/exportofhate

Transgender Voter I.D. Toolkit

In cooperation with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Equality Federation, Equality Florida is pleased to share a comprehensive toolkit of resources to arm and educate voters and state-based advocates with information to prevent transgender voter disenfranchisement and to help them in their work advocating for transgender voters.

Be prepared and be able to exercise your right to vote without stress and without complications. Knowledge is power, and this information will prevent disenfranchisement of our transgender community. 

We thank the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Equality Federation for sharing this valuable information. Click here to view the toolkit.